two questions and a video

There are so many important questions in life. Here are five of them:

  • Why is Jake Gyllenhaal playing a Persian Prince when he is Swedish/Jewish? Fun Fact: his dad was raised practicing Swedenborgianism which sounds more interesting than it really is. Also, why does his character appear to have a British accent (the film seems to take place before the Brits were all up in Iran’s business)?
  • Would it be dumb to have a crossword puzzle contest at my wedding? There would be a prize and most likely it would be this.
  • And, in honor of my upcoming trip to Costa Rica, I’ve created a new bit I like to call Ugh, Cute Girls ™ in which I post something relevant to me being jealous of some adorable girl. Exhibit A: Las Robertas. Oh, to be young and hip in Central America.

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