kotel, motel, holiday inn

A month ago today I was in Israel. I went on a Birthright trip; a free 10 day trip around Israel for American Jews.  I took only a  few photos using an iPod Touch.

This poster announces a memorial ceremony for Yitzhak Rabin.

The trip was exhausting.  We’d wake as early as 4am and continue until all hours of the morning. The above photo shows the zenith of a sunrise hike to Masada after a night at a touristy version of a Bedouin tent.

The cities were interesting and charming, the architecture fascinating and the food… generally edible. I admit a personal hope: I thought I’d have the best hummus of my life in Israel. Instead I discovered a wide variety from the inedible to the divine . I did, however, develop a new culinary obsession: Jachnun, a Yemenite Jewish bread made especially for Shabbat. I’ve been trying to con someone into cooking it for me ever since.

The Western Wailing Wall, called the Kotel.  The following two photos show the disparity between the mens’ and womens’ side of the wall.

The market in Jerusalem was bustling with crowds and excitement.  The olive sellers were my favorite part but I neglected to get a photo perhaps because I was too mesmerized.


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