best of 2010

Photo by License to Still

Here are my best moments of 2010 in attempted order of occurrence:

  • Starting off the new year with terrible 90s songs. I think the first song of the year was Jump by Kris Kross.
  • Feeling the freedom of leaving a job I didn’t want to be at
  • Eating breakfast nearly every weekend with David at Detour Cafe
  • Hosting Passover, drinking too much Manischewitz and letting the night devolve into a roommate dance party
  • Sleeping in tents and other debauchery at Sasquatch Music Festival and having to do a turn around trip (3 hours each way!) because David forgot our tickets at home)
  • Waking up early to walk through Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica at sunrise, being mistaken for a local and asked to walk an elderly woman to the school where she was a teacher then having a ice coffee ten feet from a black sand beach
  • Swimming in a volcanic lake in Nicaragua and having a fellow traveler miraculously survive a near-drowning
  • Drinking wine out of a coke can and watching Fantastic Mr. Fox at the park
  • Seeing $3 movies at Laurelhurst Theater, eating pizza and drinking cider
  • Discovering how much I love tomatoes and olives
  • Marrying my best friend in a beautiful grove with friends and family surrounding us
  • Seeing my mom recover quickly from surgery without batting an eye
  • No longer having to wear “work clothes”
  • Watching way too much Netflix
  • Having a completely new cultural experience in Israel as a Western woman amongst conservatively dressed Muslim women
  • Floating in the Dead Sea and getting all oily and burny
  • Falling asleep on Halloween on a friend’s couch after a 13 hour flight
  • Getting to hang out with my brother in New York and getting a tour of his old neighborhood
  • Finding perfect boots
  • Getting to/Having to work at the mall with a fun group of people
  • Drinking lots of coffee and reading books whenever I wanted to
  • Getting more into photography with David
  • Talking and meowing at my cat when we are home alone together and when she greets me at the door
  • Feeling hopeful for 2011

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