southern comfort

Saturday morning we braved the crowd and hit up Screen Door for breakfast after staying in bed long enough to watch an episode of  New Scandanavian Cooking in which the host made delicious Cardamom Buns (really cupcakes but I love saying car-da-mom-bons over and over). She made icing using just powdered sugar and creme fraiche. I never bake but I’d love to try that! Once we were seated (no easy feat at Screen Door, its always packed), we broke out the newest addition to our family, a beautiful bouncing Nikon D50 and took a few photos.

I had the roasted vegetable hash with potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and celery root while David opted for the vanilla bean brioche french toast. A winter squash and ricotta beignet almost made the cut but lost out to what I (probably wrongly) perceived as the “healthier option”.

Afterwards, we went over to Rerun and picked up numerous goodies including a new turntable and a copy of The Clash’s London Calling to play on it. We also scored this amazing framed photo of Richard Simmons. Yes, there are two of him superimposed upon each other – glorious!


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