tea for me

I’ve recently tried to switch, for the most part, from coffee to tea. The reason being that coffee became too much of a mindless habit. I’d drink coffee every afternoon while reading even if I didn’t particularly desire it and I’d add plenty of cream and sugar, of course.  Tea is a much healthier habit (I still use sugar but not as much as I did in the coffee).  I also haven’t “given up” delicious coffee, I’m just paying more attention to only drinking it when I actually want it.

A pleasant surprise has been that there is such a wide variety of beautiful and creative ways tea is served around the city.  This one is on the basic side from Fresh Pot on Mississippi.


4 thoughts on “tea for me

  1. please tell me you’ve been to townshends.
    take a book and your laptop and stay all day sometime. trust me. plus, it’s close to back to eden. double awesome.

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