we must supply our own light

playboy kubrik

vintage girl penguins

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9 thoughts on “we must supply our own light

      1. Well, I believe he is saying that humanity should create meaning for themselves, but that’s really a question for Kubrick and not for me!

  1. To titurel: Kubrick is saying that life has no *intrinsic* meaning – not that life has no possibility of meaning in general. Therefore, we must create our own meaning by achieving a sense of identity and purpose internally and then acting on it.

  2. the is only one meaning of life – and that is to create more life. we are only here to reproduce, and that in itself is a wonder.

    but what kubrik said is beautiful and true and it is how i live my life.

    thank you for posting this. i just copied it and gave it to my son to read.

    1. I have to disagree with the procreation theory of yours on the meaning of life. Granted it might bring upon some sense of purpose in one’s life I’m still against that’s why were here in the universe. Really the only theories anyone can produce for this topic are opinions. In saying your opinion you are speaking for yourself, so, with that being said, the only reason YOU are here, is to reproduce. Have fun only thinking you’re here to fuck.

  3. Titurel:

    Meaning is a man made concept, so it is possible for the universe to have no meaning but at the same time a being can create its own meaning within the universe.

    Either that or embrace nihilism or absurdism.

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