instant gratification

SCAN0005-2The Fuji Instax 210, though a few years old, seems to be picking up steam lately, at least around the blog-o-sphere. I’ve mostly just taken shots around the house because the thing is massive and ugly but I’m feeling inspired to take it out more regularly.

I’m going to scan more photos (including some from our wedding “photo-booth”!) but here are some to start of my ever-willing subject, Folly. As you can see, she’s quite the interesting character. In shot one, she borrowed my laptop to work on her novel then she sat in a box and did her impression of the owl depicted on it (such a kidder!). She then made an appearance on David’s face while he was trying to sleep and attempted to string up some lights and spruce up the place.SCAN0005-1SCAN0004-2SCAN0004-1

You can check out more Instax photos from various bloggers here. And I especially recommend these shots by Annette Pehrsson because






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