I am so bored of nostalgia

I am so bored of nostalgia. Of letterpress and braces and elaborate facial hair. I appreciate these things, but I think there’s something wrong with a culture that fetishises them to the extent that we currently do. As if authenticity is only to be found in the past. I think we are frightened and I think we are distrustful and we are worried that things are slipping away…  Hauntology feels like a symptom of future shock, a reaction. Caisson disease: a form of the bends brought on by too rapid changes of pressure when moving between the different levels (pressurised chambers) of the caissons used in building bridges. A symptom of the unevenly-distributed future, the isobars of our ever-shifting and expanding culture…  I think my problem with hauntology is that it deals with the problem of the future by going back to the past. And that is fine: but it will not save us.

– excerpt from Hauntological Futures.  (via)

More quote-worthiness here.


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