with the crimson lips

NLH recently took our show on the road through urban and rural Ohio (actually cross country from LA to Ohio then to Minneapolis – 6,000 miles driven in total) and managed to snap only a paltry handful of photos.

Let me just say that the food in Ohio is awful. I’ve been a couple of places in my time and only once before (in Nicaragua) have I decided to write off the culinary musings of an entire geographical location. The above cilantro rice was terrible (and believe you me, I’ll eat almost anything with rice in the name) while the fish tacos were only decent. THIS WAS THE BEST MEAL I HAD IN THE ENTIRE STATE. That’s five weeks… *doing the math*…. a lot of meals and ONLY ONE that deserved a photo and that one was just alright.

Not in Ohio. In New Mexico near an A&W.

@Minneapolis airport


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