danced myself into the tomb

A couple more photos from the last few months.

I just finished reading Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore. I liked it well enough but not as much as Wind Up Bird Chronicles. He uses a lot of the same character types in both stories and the latter is far better crafted. Or maybe it’s just because I read it first. I began reading Infinite Jest but I’m scared and that sucker is heavy (1078 pages). If you’re not familiar with the book, its infamously (or maybe famously) a difficult read and damn proud of it. The introduction, in fact, is basically a “no apologies” apologetic on the value of difficult-to-read books.

In Phoenix, we went to a pet expo at the convention center. The focus was on dogs but this guy was there too, warming hearts and eating napkins.


*Title quote taken from t rex’s cosmic dancer

*This is exactly how I feel about cruises.


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