Guide to Portland: Breakfast

This post is part of  my Guide to Portland series. Click here to see more.

Genie’s (1101 SE Division) – Well worth the wait on weekends, Genie’s has my favorite Veggie Sausage Eggs Benedict and a selection of house infused vodkas to get your day started right. Graciously, the coffee never stops flowing.

Le Bistro Montage (301 SE Morrison) – You will not just happen upon this place. Located under the Morrison Bridge, Le Bistro Montage features dirt cheap, yet surprisingly high quality food with family style seating. If they’re busy, expect to be seated right next to strangers: a great opportunity to spy on what they’re eating. I love the grits with cheddar cheese, eggs and green onions along with one epic biscuit. They’re open late night too so you can come back later for some drunken macaroni and cheese (you’re drunk, not the mac).

Hungry Tiger Too (207 SE 12th) – Tomorrow morning, when you’re good and hungover, come to HT2 to get a pancake bigger and cheaper than it has any business being.  They’ve got a full vegan menu as well, if you swing that way.

See also: Detour (SE)City State Diner (NE)Daily Cafe in the Pearl (NW)


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