Guide to Portland: Drink

This post is part of  my Guide to Portland series. Click here to see more.

Beulahland (118 NE 28th Ave) – Just your neighborhood bar plus wifi and pie. A great place to grab a, sometimes totally necessary, day drink and catch up on your emails until you’ve had one too many and end up creating gifs of your cat. The food is pretty standard bar fare but they’ve always got a selection of fresh pies at the ready and the bartenders always pour a nice, strong drink.

The Bye and Bye (1011 NE Alberta) – If you’re like me and dig a big bowl of perfectly steamed broccoli while you gulp down an obscenely large boozy iced tea in a mason jar, you’ll like B&B or its little sister, The Sweet Hereafter (3326 SE Belmont). Both locations are well designed with welcoming outdoor spaces and are a  lovely place to grab a drink with friends you don’t mind screaming to talk to over the rumble of the weekend crowd.

Moloko (3967 N Mississippi) – Tiny and glowing with neon fish tanks, Moloko pours a sold drink and has a multi-page cocktail menu if you want to get fancy about it. They’ve got a selection of better than average bar food while you’re at it. Be warned, Moloko doesn’t have a sign outside to tell you you’re at the right place so here’s what to look for.

See also: Holocene (SE), Rontoms (SE), Radio Room (NE), Dig a Pony (SE)


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