two months in madrid

Finally, we’re all settled here in Madrid with an apartment and internet connection so I’m ready to get back on the blogging horse.

I won’t lie. When we arrived here, I wasn’t sure about Madrid. It didn’t win me over instantly or even after a few weeks but somehow, in month two, something changed. I’m much more charmed by the city now than when we first came, for reasons unknown (though I suspect having a home and cooler weather helped a bit).

Mostly all I eat here are potatoes and eggs in various combinations, and I’m perfectly fine with that. The wine is cheap and generally palatable and we’re finally learning how to tapear (dining off free small plates given by some bars/restaurants when you order a drink). We’ve tried about 50 places already and here is a bit of what we’ve learned.

1. Sit at the bar –  If you sit outside, they’ll probably just give you olives and they’ll never let you choose which tapa you get. In addition, your drink will probably cost more.

2. Order and wait – Don’t order food right off the bat afraid that the tapa won’t be enough. Many times, if you order something, they won’t bring you the tapa at all and who knows, the thing you were craving might end up being your tapa by happy surprise.

3. Don’t have any dietary restrictions (an impossibility for me) – Most times, your tapa will be pork. If you’re not down, bring a pork-loving friend.

4. Keep ordering – The more drinks you order, the better the tapas get.

5. Be a regular – Its obvious but definitely true: if they like you, they’ll give you better/more tapas so support your favorite local bar and be rewarded.

Back to pictures…

Photos taken around Sol and Malasaña neighborhoods.


6 thoughts on “two months in madrid

  1. I just saw you’ve subscribed to my blog! Thanks, and welcome!

    I too am adjusting to life in Madrid. It’s quite different, even with tapas, than other places in Spain — expensive! We went out with a big group of friends the other night in my husband’s hometown, Zamora, and had tons of tapas/drinks and we paid only 30 euros in total!

    1. 30 euro sounds amazing! When I go out for tapas here, I can end up spending almost that much on myself, which sort of defeats the purpose of going out for tapas haha

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