a quickie in segovia

We’re lucky.  Here in Madrid, we have a variety of day trips at our fingertips, spreading out in all directions. Segovia, only 90 mins away on the bus (the slowest but cheapest option – take the high speed AVE train there in only 30 mins), makes for a nice afternoon though there’s not much reason to stay longer if you’re coming in from Madrid.

1st Century Roman Aqueduct.

The view from the top.

A view of the cathedral from the plaza. We didn’t go inside (we’re cheap like that) but the outside is impressive.

The edge of the Alcázar, an 11th century Moorish castle which I’m told inspired the architecture of Disneyland. We didn’t go inside here either (feeling especially cheap that day…) but the inside is mostly recreations and not authentic decor anyway. So, just like Disneyland. Its worth the trip to see though, its unlike any other castles I’ve encountered.

I think these guys will sing for you for a few bucks. You can’t really see it but the guy on the left has a bottle of wine in his hand. Have I mentioned that one of my absolute favorite things in Spain is the lack of any stigma against drinking in the middle of the day, walking down the street, on the metro, during lunch from work, etc?


8 thoughts on “a quickie in segovia

      1. Thank you for the info, I def wanna check it out. Do you think heading out early and coming back late is enough time to explore? I will prob be going alone.

      2. Yes, you’ll definitely have enough time in one day, it isn’t that big really. When we were there, we thought of checking out another town nearby that is supposed to be a mini-Versailles (not sure what its called). You could easily do both in a day.

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