salamanca and our first time with airbnb

With one of the first universities in the world (founded in 1218), Salamanca is a town with a lil’ bit of history. Just a few hours from Madrid by Train, its an easy weekend trip with lots to do. Food is a huge part of travelling for us and we thought Salamanca had the best tapas we’ve tried so far (though we haven’t yet been to the north of the country which everyone promises is amazing). Here, we were able to choose our tapas from a huge variety behind the counter (a rarity) and the tortilla I had in their Plaza Mayor was easily the most delicious I’ve ever had.


It was also our first time trying Airbnb. After checking out the less than impressive hostel prices, we decided to try something new. Airbnb hooks you up with rooms or apartments rented out by individuals at great prices. We stayed in the home of a great couple and had a private patio, pool and delicious breakfast every morning for less than the price of a hostel (since there are always two of us, many times hostels aren’t the best deal). In addition, we had the opportunity to practice our Spanish and received tons of great advice on what to see around town from our hosts. We would definitely do it again.

Either the old or the new cathedral, I can’t remember which. You can walk up to the roof and get a great view of the city.

Convento de San Esteban.

They had all of these giant mirrors on the ground, presumably so you don’t have to look up so much (though it seemed sort of pointless to me).


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