a taste of home at tierra

Last week, I was lucky enough to win a raffle conducted by English language online magazine, Vaya Madrid. Que Suerte! The prize pack included goodies from local businesses started by entrepreneurial expats here in Madrid: El BalonazoJaJaHa! and Tierra Burrito Bar. I wrapped up my weekend by taking advantage of my dinner for two at Tierra which made me feel right at home.

tierra collage

Tierra is modelled after the popular, quick and fresh burrito joints that have been popping up around the US in recent years and I couldn’t be more delighted that this trend has spread to Madrid. We shared a plate of piled-high nachos with sour cream, cheese, guacamole and a mild and delicious cheese sauce. I’m violently opposed to most nacho cheese sauces (think: neon orange pumps oozing plastic cheese, gross) but this one was light and fresh. After, we moved on to our burrito and “el desnudo” (aka, a tortilla-less burrito) and loved every bite. We washed it all down with a fountain soda, which may not seem very remarkable to you in the US, but here, its an unusual treat. I love you, Free Refills!

The vibe was super comfortable with southwest decor, baby cacti and Arizona license plates on the wall, while Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura lulled me into burrito heaven.

You know your customers are happy when they start making adorable straw wrapper art. We found these little guys resting in our napkin basket.

Big thanks to Vaya Madrid for hosting the contest and if you’re here in Madrid, be sure to check out their site for the haps on what’s going on around town as well as more giveaways!


2 thoughts on “a taste of home at tierra

  1. Just found your blog through ymuchomas.
    How fun to win the contest!
    Oh how I miss burritos and food truck tacos while in Spain! looks like this place might just hit the spot because every other Mexican place in Spain just doesn’t cut it, even when some owners are Mexican. Maybe that’s just cuz I’m used to the taqueria culture all throughout California!

    1. Yes, definitely check it out! I’m from Arizona and this place definitely reminds me of the Mexican-American food from home that I miss. I wouldn’t really call it authentic Mexican food but tastes like home.

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