March Giveaway: Fillettante

Today I’m excited to introduce everyone to Amanda, a friend of mine from Portland, and give you the chance to win a piece from her new jewelry line, Fillettante! I love this line for its architectural, minimalist style and her use of re-purposed materials.

This giveaway is open to readers around the world so keep reading to find out more about Fillettante and how you can win!

bikecraft setup

What are your favorite things about living in Portland?

Portland is the most inspiring place I have lived to date. It’s hard to quantify why I love it so much. To me, this city is much more then the sum of it’s parts. There is a strong DIY attitude in this city–furthermore, tons of amazing resources for learning how to do all sorts of things. I have been fortunate to meet and work with all sorts of craftspeople willing to share their knowledge and skills with me. So, I guess what I love most about Portland is the diversity of people, and the communal spirit.

One of the most frequent questions I get from people when I tell them I’m from Portland is “So, is Portlandia accurate?”… I always say YES! 

You know, YES. Portlandia is pretty dang accurate. Of course the show exaggerates for humor’s sake, but all in all, I can relate every sketch from the show to someone I know. Haha!

SONY DSCSo, how long have you been making jewelry? How did you get started?

I am relatively new to making jewelry. It is something that I have always wanted to do, but it wasn’t until late last summer that I got serious about it. My boyfriend Jim and I are both avid cyclists, and one day while I was fixing a flat tire I was struck by how neat inner tube valve stems are. I asked Jim (who is an assemblage  artists working primarily with found objects) if he had ever used valve stems. He had not, and so we set out to deconstruct the valve stem and reuse it some way. The result was the first piece of jewelry I ever made–our silver bar necklace . From there we made earrings and started composing more complex pendants. We branched out from valve stems and have been working with chain rings, components of headsets, and various other bicycle parts. We started a metal working class in January and have been expanding our jewelry making skills. We’ve learned how to solder and make our own chains, clasps, and rings. I’m really excited to be learning new skills that will expand and evolve our offerings.


What does your name, Fillettante, mean? How did you come up with that? 

Silver Teardrop Suntour Shifter Earrings

Fillettante is a combination of the words “fillet” and “dilettante.” Fillet brazing is a style of handcrafting bicycles and the word itself means a small strip of wood or metal. This reflects in a lot of our designs that play with line and form. A dilettante is someone with “an amateur interest in the arts.”  We chose this to be cheeky. Both Jim and I are artistic and design oriented yet have diverse backgrounds. I love DIY projects and have always gravitated to functional design. Jim is a tinkerer and found object master. Fillettante jewelry design have allowed us to focus on and refine our artistic craftsmanship.

So what’s next for Filletante? Any new techniques or materials you’re playing around with these days? 

I have been focusing lately on learning how to work with non metallic materials; namely stone, wood, and leather. I think that Fillettante is currently evolving away from working only with bicycle parts and expanding to include all sorts of objects. At the core, Jim and I have a passion for repurposing, and putting materials into new context. So keep an eye out for jewelry that incorporates all sorts of natural and reused materials. A friend recently commissioned a bicycle bell from me, so I have been playing around with designs and think that Fillettante will be offering some really unique and cute bike bells soon!

Check out Filletante’s on Etsy for a full catalog of their gorgeous jewelry.


To win a $30 gift voucher (most items range from $22-28, you can pick out what you like or give the voucher as a gift!) with international shipping included,  just follow the easy steps below:

  • Step 1 – Follow Never Leave Here on Twitter or Facebook
  • Step 2 – Comment below and tell me which you did and your username there (for example: “I’m @so_awesome and I’m following you on twitter!”). You get one entry for each so make two separate comments below if you follow on both. 
  • Step 3 – Retweet or Share for two more entries! Just comment separately again for each (for example: “I’m Fancy Pants and I shared this on facebook!”). Thats up to four entries per person!

A winner will be chosen on Thursday, March 21st at midnight (Madrid time). Buenos Suerte / Good Luck! 


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