Chase Giotto and Other Games in Pisa

Recently, I was invited to go on a blog trip with Play Your Tuscany through Pisa, Lucca and Carrara, Italy. The tour is set up like a series of games as you play your way through Tuscany so I thought I´d come up with a few of my own:

Chase Giotto

One of the highlights of the entire trip happened on the first day when we took off into the forest with Giotto the Truffle Dog (link photo by Emma Ivarsson). You can read more about that adventure here. The goal of this game is to chase Giotto through the forest, making sure not to get taken out by a branch or fall into a stream, while he (adorably) searches for truffles. Finding truffles is not guaranteed but its the uncertainty that makes it so fun. (Difficulty: Medium)



Capture the Tourist

A game I invented myself, Capture the Tourist consisted of watching tourists around the Pisa monuments pose in different ways and taking pictures of them in awkward stances. I could have done this for hours. (Difficulty: Low)



Find My Nonna

Fellow blogger, Tiana Kai introduced me to this one. Nonna is Italian for grandmother so the aim of this game is to find awesome Italian grandmas (bonus points for luxurious fur coats). Tiana is a pro, having found a great many Nonnas for her Not My Nonna Instagram series. I´m obviously a novice, only spotting nonnas from afar. I think I will have to practice on abuelas in Madrid for a while. (Difficulty: Medium-High)


Look Up, Look Down, Look Out

Pisa is a really cute small city with lots of things to see. You´ll find yourself looking up at the architecture and down at the canals but don´t forget to look out for bikes. Like many places in Italy, people of all ages are commuting by bike so the goal of this game is to not get hit by Nonna as she flies past and simultaneously take in your surroundings. (Difficulty: Medium)



Have you invented any games while travelling?

Check out my Tumblr for more photos and stay tuned for more from Italy.


11 thoughts on “Chase Giotto and Other Games in Pisa

  1. This is hilarious!! I think you could go far by inventing localized games A personal favorite for San Francicso: How many tourists pull the overhead wires in order to signal a stop on a cable car? NO NO NO!! Those wires CONTROL the cable car!! :-) Or, how about counting underdressed (for the weather) tourists in SF, shivering madly because they dressed for summer, not realizing that the weather in the City by the Bay can be downright chilly?

    Good times!!!



    1. Those are great game ideas! Another one I like to play is “How many Spaniards take out their umbrellas before its raining” or conversely, “How hard does it have to rain before a Portlander opens an umbrella”

  2. Hahahah I love these, especially Find My Nonna. Whenever I go somewhere touristy, I always try and guess the nationality of any foreigners I see based on their appearance, and then I try and eavesdrop on them to see if I am right!

  3. Haha, i love this post! Thanks for sharing my game. I actually created an instagram account ‘notmynonni’ that i hope to dedicate to this amazingness. ;) i’m just so obsessed with my personal ‘tianapix’ account that it’s hard to spend time on the lovely nonni’s of Italy. Keep up the abuela work. :)

  4. This is great! I wish I’d thought of or been aware of the Find My Nonna game when i was in Pisa recently. I saw quite a few Nonnas on this trip…wearing luxurious furs!

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