Finally Conquering the Bike in Lucca

I’m going to start this off with a painful, embarrassing confession: I somewhat recently learned to ride a bike.

*pause for dramatic effect*


Growing up, I kept this sad truth top secret until my junior year in university when my now husband pushed me to learn and patiently held in his laughter as I rode in circles around the parking lot of my apartment complex.

A few years later, we moved to Portland, a biking capital in the US and I imagined myself darting up and down hilly streets like everyone else while my Civic gathered dust in the driveway. These dreams never materialized however and after being honked at too many times and panting as I walked my bike up nearly every hill I encountered, I locked it up in the back of the garage and lost the key.

Fast forward and there I was in Lucca, Italy on day two of Play Your Tuscany being told to hop on a bike to tour the city for the day, unsure if I’d be able to keep up. Straight away we hit a hill (yeah, I walked) but I was happy to find that, with that over, Lucca is awesomely flat and the perfect place for a bike novice like me.

For more on my biking adventure, check out my story over at Play Your Tuscany.


11 thoughts on “Finally Conquering the Bike in Lucca

  1. Wow, congrats on learning to ride a bike AND admitting it! :-) My 9-year old is still struggling with that whole balance thing, so I can appreciate the terror involved in getting both feet off the ground and on pedals! Plus, the key to success is to go FASTER!
    Anyway, one of the best vacations I ever took was a bike tour in the Netherlands (aka Holland)! Talk about FLAT! :-) We did manage to find one hill higher than a curb cut, but survived the ordeal… Ha!
    If Portland is a biking capital, then Holland is a biking country. VERY accomodating to the two-wheelers, and everyone has a bike. Businessmen in suits, old ladies doing their shopping, and everyone in between…
    Anyway, I used CycleTours ( and did the bike and barge option. The barge is your hotel, so you only unpack once. During the day, you bike from A to B, while the barge floats from A to B. You meet up in the afternoon, your cabin waiting as you left it.
    Can’t wait to hear more about Italy!

    1. Wow, that bike and barge tour sounds awesome!. it looks like they do it in a few other cities. Im definitely going to check it out! I just got back from Amsterdam and didn’t rent a bike it but did look doable. Portland is a really great city to bike in by US standards but that’s really not saying all that much.

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