I took a bath (in Budapest)

I have to say that one of my favorite inventions of all time is hot water and if there’s one European city that celebrates the bath as much as I do, its Budapest.

The city is filled with a variety of bath houses that date back hundreds of years and there’s one to suit everyone’s style. Are you looking for something quiet and spa like? Something authentic? Somewhere fun to bring your shrieking children?

Szécheny Baths, Source: WIkimedia Commons
Gellert Baths, Source: Wikimedia Commons

Here’s the CliffsNotes:

  • Szechenyi Baths are like a classier version of a waterpark. Popular for kids and families.
  • The Gellért Baths, designed in Art Nouveau style, are the most beautiful and the most expensive. Quiet and relaxing.
  • The Rudas Baths, dating back to the 16th century, are less expensive and still retain a Turkish feel. These are much smaller and quieter.
  • For a more authentic experience, the even more intimate Kiraly Baths are frequented more by locals and are inexpensive though lack in the pomp and decor of the fancier facilities.

Before you go, be sure to look up the schedule so you don’t end up disappointed as many of them have gender specific days and times.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Best Advice I’ll Ever Give: One thing you must do (I’m serious, guys) is the cold water plunge. Its scary but so worth it. Like “drinking a Rockstar and 5 cups of coffee now lets run around the block, I am awesome forever” worth it. Pro tip: Don’t dip a toe. Don’t hesitate. DO IT ALREADY. Then come back here and thank me.

If you’re clean and relaxed enough already, Budapest is still an amazing place. Its cool (check out the ruinpubs and Districts VI and VII), the food is great and the architecture remarkable.  It’s well worth a visit even if you only take showers.




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